Required Service For Diesel Engines Is DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

In order to achieve the best cleaning results and the best chance of reuse of the filter it is highly advantageous to use the best volcano service you can find.

One intense service available is at a place called Diesel Machine Works. Diesel Machine Works is the service and machine shop of Internet diesel (which is a company who sells diesel parts online. Expert cleaning and visual inspection is critical to trying to find the best results for diesel particulate filter cleaning.

Testing and inspections are an important component to DPF cleaning. DMW inspects and tests the filter at every step of the cleaning process. When DMW is finished processing the DPF the specific condition of the filter and have absolute confidence and knowledge of the level of recovery.

Cleaning results are shared with the customer and can be compared with historical recovery levels for the filter.

Cleaning Results

DMW has an overall average cleaning success of about 95% of the filters. A recovered filter reaches Green Tag or Orange Tag status as set by FSX statistical analysis.

Approximately 5% of the incoming filters will not move out of the Red Tag range for a variety of reasons or have failed or been damaged prior to receipt. These filters are Red Tagged and deemed un-cleanable.

First, DMW records the owner and serial number of the filter.

Then the filter is inspected and tested on TrapTester. Record defects and damage and upload the test results in the database. Next, perform Stage 1 pneumatic cleaning of the filter using the TrapBlaster. Inspect filter during cleaning process using built in filter fail diagnostic feature.

Defects are recorded. Next, test the filter on TrapTester. Results are compared with the Baseline Matrix and the status is determined as red, orange, or green tag. When Green Tag is the result record results, the filter is returned back to the customer. It is a different story if the status is Orange Tag or Red Tag.

If this occurs, Ceramic filter the filter is moved into the second Stage thermal cleaning utilizing the TrapBurner. Following conducting the second pneumatic cleaning using TrapBlaster remove ash freed in Stage Two thermal cleaning process. After this, test filter for amount of air flow on TrapTester and record results.

The results are compared results with Baseline Matrix then determine status as red, orange, or green tag Green Tag, Orange Tag or Red Tag and affix a tag with results of the cleaning. Last, record results in the database, and Mechanical sealing repackage and return the filter to the customer.


Comparing the DPF Cleaning service at Internet Diesel's Diesel Machine Works to the competition. Unlike many other services being compared to, the DPF cleaning services at DMW, every filter cell is addressed individually.

This ensures that the DPF receives a lot of cleaning intensity and that the filter is inspected thoroughly. Both ends of the filter will be cleaned. The use of diagnostics detects cell failure. With DMW the operator can see entire cleaning process, unlike with other methods.

Custom cleaning will be done when needed according to the particular filter's testing and inspection results

While this is the best service available, Diesel Machine Works makes it clear that they cannot and does not warrant or guarantee that they can achieve recovery of the filter.

A filter can fail for a variety of reasons such as a result of operating conditions. The number one source of failure is unusual heat-related events that have caused sintering, failure of the cell walls or melting of the Ceramic disc sub-strait. Also, filters be damaged by dropping them, excessive oil soaking, thermal shocking them, chips and vibration. Because of design and materials some filters last longer than others or can with stand greater temperatures.

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