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As we know, horse racing can be an expensive business, a very expensive business indeed! We are not just talking about the costs of buying a horse, or its schooling and training, stable fees, vets bills and suchlike, but the actual costs involved in travelling to and from race courses.It must cost a pretty penny to move horses to and from race meetings, especially now with the high cost of fuel to factor into the equasion.Do you really think it would be worth a trainers while to pack up a horseand drive it to a meeting over 100 miles away if they didn’t think it had a fair chance of winning? If you take a look at the Racing Post website under the Travellers Checks section, it will list how far each trainer is travelling to each race meeting. And this can tell tell us an awful lot about the chances of some horses at these meetings.What you need to keep an eye out for when checking the travelling distances are trainers who have only one runner at the meeting, but has also travelled over100 miles to get there.The next thing to check is the value of the race these single runners are entered into.  If it’s quite a low grade race with prize money under £5,000, then it hardly seems worth the trouble and expense of the trip unless the trainer is very confident of getting a result, Asics Onitsuka Tygrys and Nike Free Flyknit 50 is taking a stable gamble on the outcome to make it worth their while.When you spot a potential horse that fits this bill, and Adidas тръбна дуум чорап if you can watch the live betting markets, look to see if the price of the horse shortens as the race approaches. This is a good indication that there is some serious money going on for a win.Worth a flutter don’t you think?